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BIRCH Copse termly
our termly magazine written by the children, for the children.

Welcome to our Birch Copse Termly page. Here you will find issues of our termly magazine. It is written entirely by us - a group of keen writers from Year 6 supported by Mrs Davis and Mr Cooling. We meet to decide the content of the magazine and divide up the articles. Next, we interview, research and investigate just like real journalists  before completing our first drafts of articles. This is where Mrs Davis and Mr Cooling come into the picture - to help us edit and improve our writing. After one or two more drafts, the articles are all ready and we take photographs or find relevant images to supplement the writing before deciding on the order pages. By the end of a term, the magazine is ready to be published so please click below to read our magazine.

Thank you
The Birch Copse Termly Team

Spring 2024 Edition

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Autumn 2023 Edition

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