Vision, Values & SDP


Birch Copse aims to provide a safe, respectful and supportive learning environment that enables learners to feel valued and reach their potential within a happy, healthy and caring community. All children are encouraged to enjoy learning and experience a creative and stimulating curriculum to help them become confident and independent learners.

We aim to create an environment where all achievements and talents are recognised, including high social standards and personal and academic achievements.

Our School Values were created through consultation with children, parents, governors and staff. The values are shared with the children and used for our reward system throughout the school.

School Development Plan

1. To review assessment procedures to ensure they support end-of-unit summative assessments. This is to ensure assessments are robust and consistent across subjects and year groups.
2. To embed the phonic scheme, Supersonic Phonic Friends, ensuring outcomes remain high.
3. To embed the teaching of multiplication to further improve the significant gain in outcomes in the Multiplication Tables Check.


1. To review the new Reception curriculum and assessment milestones to ensure engagement and attainment remain high and new staff members understand these intentions and expectations.
2. To further develop the language of learning, ensuring children can reflect on and talk about their own learning.
3. To continue to develop the outside learning environment to optimise the area promoting key learning skills, risk-taking and challenge across all areas of learning.
4. To explore the possibility of having a nursery at Birch Copse.


1. To further improve our parental engagement.
2. To embed the role of subject leaders.
3. To continue to develop CPD, embedding the use of the National College.
4. To continue to develop the well-being for staff and children.
5. To provide School to School support to other settings, gaining ideas from different schools and provide leadership opportunities for staff at Birch Copse.


1. To review opportunities at break and lunchtimes (including using children and adults as play leaders).
2. To develop opportunities for children to be leaders at the school.


1. To support parents in protecting their children online.
2. To review Growth Mindset, focussing on positive thinking.