2017/18 SPORTS FUNDING – Review & impact

For the academic year, 2017-18 Birch Copse used the sports premium money to fund and develop sport in the following ways:

- Time was given to the PE co-ordinator to set up dodgeball competitions to give all the children in the school the opportunity to compete in intra school competitions. We ran infant, lower junior and upper junior dodgeball tournaments and football tournaments. Equipment was purchased to support these competitions within the school. This year we had 303 children participate in the competitions for a total of 71.46% of children participating in competitive sporting activities.
- The school hired the services of a fitness coach and dance coach to deliver PE lessons alongside our staff. This initiative will benefit all children from the Year 1 through to Year 6. Each term the children will receive fitness or dance lessons. Coaches worked with different classes, with the dance coach attending every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and fitness coach attending Tuesday afternoons and
Fridays throughout the academic year 2017-2018. Not only did the children benefit from being taught by specialist staff, but this offered our own
staff professional development opportunities through observation and team teaching.
-Money has also been used to provide equipment for sport teams competing against other schools in football, cricket, netball,table tennis and dodgeball. The new equipment further promoted sport within the school and allowed for greater participation within school clubs and allowed for teachers to improve the provision provided.
- We also spent money on staff allowing for the administration of clubs and extra curricula sporting opportunities. This allowed for the school to host Inter school football tournaments at another venue, it also allowed for teacher cover when staff attended sporting competitions.
- Money was also spent on competition entry fees and affiliations to local sports leagues and governing bodies.

2018/19 SPORTS FUNDING - Plan

For the academic year, 2018-19 Birch Copse will receive £19, 630 for the Sports Premium Funding, we will use the money to fund and develop sport in the following ways:

The large proportion of the money will continue to be spent on hiring PE specialists for dance and fitness. We believe that using the money in this way allows for us to:
- Promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
- Encourage positive competition, ensuring that the children are focused on achieving their best and maximising their potential.
- Expose children from Year 1 to Year 6, to high quality teaching of dance and fitness
- Give school staff opportunities to observe the teaching of high quality PE sessions and then include features of this in their own practice.
- To build the skills of teachers as they team teach with PE specialists.
- Funds will be used to support school clubs and teams to enter competitions that will challenge the children against a higher level of competition and allow for them to compete against a wider range of competitors. As a result of this, we anticipate children having to travel to venues further afield.
- Time will be given to the PE co-ordinator to set up to continue to build up the number of inter and intra school competitions the school host and organise. The focus of this will be upon trying to increase the number of children participating in competitive school events past the previous year’s number of 71.46%. Money will also be spent on the administering of inter school competitions.
- Money will be set aside for our school to buy into West Berkshire school games activities, allowing for the children to compete against children from other schools in a wider range of activities.
- Money will also be used to buy into affiliations with local sports leagues and local governing bodies.
After completing the swimming program with the school the 2018/19 Year 6 cohort can do the following:
-85.9% of pupils were able to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
-82.8% of pupils were able to use a range of strokes effectively
-84.4% of pupils were able to perform a safe self-rescue

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