In Reception, we plan our topics based on the needs and interests of the children therefore they often vary. The following topics are usually explored throughout the year alongside other topics that are planned in accordance with children’s needs and interests. For further information, please click the link at the bottom of this page. We use Supersonic Phonic Friends for the teaching of phonics. For reading, we use a range of schemes banded by colour through which the children progress.

Reception- Frog

Miss Hipgrave- Teacher
Mrs Meechan - TA
Mrs Jennings - TA
Mrs Meikle- LSA
Mrs Brill - LSA
Mrs Stead - PPA Teacher

Reception- Newt

Mrs Shipway - Teacher
Miss Leverett- Teacher
Mrs Stanborough - TA
Mrs Mitchell- TA

Reception Curriculum

Here you can find information about what your child will learn throughout their time in Reception. The 'Curriculum Map' gives an overview of what is taught and when. Below that is more detail about the individual subjects.

There is a Maths and Literacy 'Map' document, which explains in a little more detail the knowledge and skills the children will be taught this year. For Art there are individual documents for each topic (we call these Learning Parameters) and they contain details about all the knowledge the children will be taught in that topic. We use these with the children in school so they should be able to tell you all about them.

Please use the documents to talk about your child's learning at home. They have all been converted to PDFs so you can print them out easily if you wish.

Curriculum Map
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EYFS Rings of Excellence
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Yearly Overview Of Year 1 Subjects

Maths Map

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Literacy Map

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Discover Our Subjects

Art & Design


Yayoi Kusam
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Tom Croft
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Henri Matisse
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Theme Day

Grant Pratt
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