From January 2017 we will be ceasing our current reward system across the school and introducing a new structure. This has been created following the responses from parent questionnaires in the last couple of years. The new system will have two aspects, House Points and Certificates with recipients selected by their class teacher. This has been shared with Parent Council this term. There will be a transition for children and using the points they have earned in the current system transferring to house points.

House Points

• Children will be placed in one of 4 houses – Red, Yellow, Blue or Green
• These will also be the children’s Sports Day colour
• There will be an even spread in each year group
• Names of houses are to be chosen by School Council
• Children will be awarded a House Point by adults for following any of the School Values
• Children can earn 1, 2 or 3 house points at a time (e.g. 1 for holding a door open, 3 for extended perseverance in maths over the week)
• When a child has received a House Point, they will stamp their House colour marble jar poster in their classroom.
• When the marble jar poster is full, it should be taken to Mr Massey or Mr Micklewhite. They will exchange it for a ball of the House colour. The ball is placed in the house containers in the hall.
• Every half term the House Points are counted on a specified day (usually the Friday before the last week).
• Each ball in the container is worth 35 points
• Each poster will be collected in and all the stamps on it will be added to the total.
• The House with the most points will be the winners for the half term
• The results will be announced in the Friday assembly and in the bulletin.
• The winning House will be allowed to come to school in non-uniform for a day during the last week (usually the last day of half term)
• The House points will start from zero again from the next half term.

Reward Assembly

• These will take place 10 weeks a term
• Certificates will be awarded to children as either
• A Learner Award (for following the school Values of working hard, challenging themselves and perseverance
• A Citizen Award (for following the school values of being kind, respectful and polite)
• Up to 2 of each award will be given out in each assembly per class
• Class teachers will announce who will be getting the reward in their class on Friday of the previous week, giving the children the reason for being selected.
• Children’s names will go in the bulletin on the previous Friday
• Parents will be invited to the Reward Assembly


• Green, Orange and Red spots in every classroom
• Everyone starts on green at the start of the day
• If they are on the green at the end of the day = 5 minutes golden time
• If they get orange and then red, they are able to move back up to green again
• If they go straight to red, they cannot move back to green that day
• If a child is on Orange
• In Foundation Stage, this is a warning
• In Year 1 – 4, it means they do not earn 5 minutes Golden Time if they are on Orange at the end of the day
• In Year 5 and 6, this is a warning
• If a child is on Red
• Foundation Stage = 5 minutes out on the thinking seat
• KS1 = 5 minutes out next break time on the thinking bench
• KS2 = 5 minutes out next break on the thinking wall
• If a child is on red twice in one week = see the team leader
• If they are on red 3 times in a week = see Deputy or Headteacher