Themed Week 'Up in the Air'

During the week of 14th January we will be setting aside our usual lessons so that the children can enjoy some very exciting events and activities associated with our theme of 'Up in the Air'! Aeroplanes, butterflies, Air Ambulance and Birds of Prey will feature, and we have some really interesting visitors coming in ... some of them have feathers!

Birch Copse Airlines staff welcome the children on to the flight
Excited children receive their boarding cards and take their seats on the plane!
We've got our boarding passes, now we need to navigate to our seats!
Making bird feeders for the garden
We had fun flying our kites!
420 children made the shape of a balloon for a drone photograph!
Air Ambulance came to visit - we learned all about their important work!
We even had some feathered visitors - all of the children got to see them - it was very exciting, many were able to hold a bird of prey. The children absolutely loved this workshop!