The Ballet comes to Birch Copse

On Tuesday 19th December, the Birch Copse children enjoyed a wealth of live music to enhance the Christmas stories of The Nutcracker and The Snowman. The music from Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker' and Howard Blake's 'The Snowman' were performed by a string quintet and danced along to by a professional ballerina (Toscana Ensemble).

All the children sat beautifully and were mesmerized by the sounds they heard and the movements they saw. Laura (the ballerina) showed us a few moves to become active participants during The Nutcracker. Before the performers left the school, they paid tribute to the "positive behaviour displayed by all the pupils which gave the school a very special feel".

The children made the performers feel very welcome and did Birch Copse proud. Well done to everyone.

Laura the ballerina
The Toscana Ensemble String Quartet
The children all got the chance to join in
Ballerinas in the making