Reception celebrate Chinese New Year

What a week in Reception! It started Monday with our topic lessons centred around Chinese New Year. On Thursday, we cleaned the classroom to please the Chinese Cleaning God, sweeping all the bad luck away. Our week culminated with our big China Day today. Our day started with making lanterns, dragons and cards to decorate the classrooms. Then we took our passports, luggage and airline tickets through 'Security' and 'Baggage Check', before getting on the 'aero plane' to Beijing. The airline stewards made sure all passengers had a comfortable flight, which included a mid-flight snack and drink. After lunch, we tasted Chinese foods, sang Gung Hei Fat Choy, did ribbon dances and played party games. Our day ended with a dragon parade around the school, letting everyone know that Chinese New Year will soon be upon us. Everyone had a wonderful time!

Cleaning the classroom
Making lanterns
And dragons.
Passports ready.
About to take off.
A lovely flight to China for the day.
Ribbon dancing
We ended the day with a Dragon parade
The dragon head at the front.