Police Dog visits the school

On Friday 22nd March we had an amazing assembly when visited by PC Vardell (Anna) and her Police Dog, Woody. Woody is a 3-year-old German Shephard and lives in a kennel in the garden at Anna's home alongside his brother - who is also a police dog. We learned a lot about the role of a police dog, what they do and when they are deployed. The pair had a busy week catching some people who had broken the law despite Woody having an injured paw. Woody's key skills are tracking - he uses his strong sense of smell to locate people and objects to either find criminals, evidence or to find and rescue people who need help. They both do an amazing job and it was a delight to have them in our school.

PC Vardell and PB Woody.
Talking to the children in assembly.
The children were able to get u close if they wanted to.
We can see Woody's injured paw here - but that hasn't stopped him!