Parent grounds maintenance morning

On Saturday 9th March lots of parents, grandparents, children and friends of the school gave up their time to help with a list of site maintenance and DIY jobs. A huge amount was accomplished, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who came to help! Here are some photographs of the very productive morning ...

The Breakfast Club roof was in need of a thorough clean ...
The roof and guttering are now sparkling!
The Foundation Stage pencil fencing needed to be re-painted
Thanks to a brilliant team of helpers great progress was made
The Foundation Stage Mud Kitchen area hedge was trimmed
Whole families came to help!
Gardening gloves were needed
The yellow lines on the steps from the hall were re-painted
A new shelf was put up, to display our ever growing collection of trophies
New display boards were put up in the hall
Wooden arbours were installed for the children to enjoy
The children now have a lovely new place to enjoy with their friends