Inspire Me Assesmbly

On Monday 19th February, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Carey who works in the RAF. He started by explaining that he first trained to be a nurse, then later in life he made the decision to take a change in direction and move into the field of news and media. He joined the RAF in his spare time and weekends, alongside his job before joining full time a few years ago.

He explained that although everyone thinks of pilots, there are over 60 different roles within the RAF such as teachers, chefs and doctors. He works in a news/media role. Joining the RAF has given him incredible opportunities to meet amazing people and to visit many interesting parts of the world. He was able to share many examples of these, with lots of photos to engage the children. Throughout his presentation, he highlighted the need to persevere and challenge himself at every point of his fascinating journey. As always, the children asked fantastic questions and were captivated throughout.

Mr Carey talking to the children in assembly.
The children got to try on some of the RAF clothing he bought in.
They really enjoyed this.
Thank you Mr Carey.