Annual science competition launch!

During this week’s science assembly all about scientists, welaunched our annual science competition. All children in Years 1 - 6 have been challenged to enter this in-school competition to produce a design for the backof a banknote. Over the years, many scientists and their work have been celebrated and featured on our money, with Alan Turing (Enigma Code cracker)currently on the £50 note. Throughout our Science topics at school, we look atrelated scientists and this week the children enjoyed playing, ‘Guess theMasked Scientist!’ This may have given children some ideas.

For the competition, we would like children to choose a famous scientist that they think should feature on a bank note. They can be living or dead, Britishor any other nationality. The children should include an image of the scientist(the image could be drawn or painted), important dates and what they are knownfor. They could include a quote (something that they have said, or that someoneelse has said about then) and drawings of their discoveries or inventions.          

 For more details on the competition, please see theParentMail send out on Wednesday 17th January. This included an entry form andan example. Entry forms are also being sent home with the children. Entries must be handed into school by Tuesday 20th February.