At Birch Copse, we believe that mathematics is important in everyday life. With this in mind, the aim of our mathematics curriculum is to develop children's ability to solve problems, reason, think logically and to work systematically and accurately. All children are challenged and encouraged to excel in mathematics.

We follow a Mastery approach to Mathematics teaching and deliver a carefully sequenced curriculum, designed in small steps of learning, which children progress through, broadly at the same pace. This enables all children to gain the functional skills they will need in their lives and promotes enjoyment and success for all.

Incorporated within our curriculum are four key approaches to learning:
1. Conceptual understanding
2. Fluency and automatic recall of facts
3. Making connections and spotting patterns
4. Being able to reason, problem solve and follow a line of enquiry

More details can be found in our Mathematics Policy in the Key Information section of this website

Curriculum Overview
Progression Grid