At Birch Copse, we believe that children should learn about the history of Britain and the wider world in a way that inspires them to become curious about the past and able to consider how it has affected the present day. In order to achieve this, we aim to teach them:
- Knowledge of a range of historical time periods; both in Britain and across the world.
- The skills needed to think and work like a historian including:
- Working chronologically and being able to sequence events within and across historical time periods
 - Historical reasoning and understanding cause and effect
 - Interpretation of historical events, periods or people and understanding their significance
 - Historical enquiry including asking and answering relevant questions and identifying the reliability and usefulness of sources
- Analysing historical sources, quotes and statements to demonstrate and develop their understanding of history.
- Children should be given opportunities to answer questions with essay style answers, giving the children an opportunity to construct an argument and think analytically.

Our History Curriculum is focused on building long-term memory and improved retrieval with a strong emphasis on key knowledge and vocabulary acquisition. Detailed knowledge and specific vocabulary about each topic can be found in the Knowledge Organisers below. Key history skills and common historical vocabulary is built on year-on-year and details can be found in the History Progression Framework.

Curriculum Overview
Progression Grid
History Knowledge Organisers