Design & Technology (DT)

Design and Technology at Birch Copse gives children the knowledge and skills to enable them to design and make creative and imaginative products that solve real-life problems. These skills and knowledge have been carefully planned throughout their time at school to ensure clear progression - these can be found in our Progression Grid below. Children undertake three DT units of work each year (one per term) and an overview of these units can be found in our Curriculum Overview below. One will be a traditional 'design, make and evaluate' project where children will learn about structures, electrical and mechanical systems and textiles. Another will follow the "Thinking Actively in a Social Context - or TASC approach, more details of which you can find below. Finally, every child will undertake food technology each year to enable children to develop their repertoire of basic cooking skills and progressively complex dishes; from fruit kebabs to pasta to homemade bread and scones. Each dish is designed so that children can replicate them at home with a level of independence. Each unit of work has a set of Learning Parameters to set out the key knowledge and skills that will be taught as well as establishing the real-life problem or challenge we are asking the children to create a solution for. These Learning Parameters can be found below.

Curriculum Overview
Progression Grid
Learning Parameters